20 Yard Container




This dumpster size is ideal for:

  • Large home projects/renovations
  • Major remodel or demolition
  • Commercial projects
  • New construction
  • Reconstruction after flood or fire damage
  • Household debris


Includes drop off, pick up and disposal fee up to 3500 lbs. Price excludes tax and specialty surcharges.
7-day rental included in pricing for each unit. Each additional day after day 7 is $10 per day or $300 per month.
8ʹ wide x 6’ tall x 14’ long (exterior dimensions) – about the size of a large SUV. Easily fits in a regular parking spot.


What CAN you throw away?

• Brick, Concrete, Glass,
• Wood (Construction Grade)
• Carpet & Carpet Padding
• Insulation (non-asbestos), Shingles (non-friable asbestos)
• Metals Incidental to Construction
• Plaster/Drywall, Wall Coverings
• Plumbing Fixtures, Wiring (without liquids)
• Road Scrapings, Dirt & Stone
• Conventional Car & Truck Tires (additional fees apply)
• Burned/Charred Debris or Materials Related to Structure Fires (additional fees apply)
• Television Sets or Other Electronic Devices (additional fees apply)
• Refrigerators, Freezers, Dehumidifier (additional fees apply)
• Upholstered Furniture, Mattresses (Spring or Memory Foam) (additional fees apply)
• Grass/Yard Waste, Brush, Bushes, Leaves, Hay, Straw (additional fees apply)
• Trees, Stumps, Railroad Ties, Landscape Timbers & Telephone Pole (additional fees apply)

What can you NOT throw away?

• Household Trash/Food Waste
• Friable Asbestos, Ballasts, Batteries
• Drums/Tanks/Chemicals, Fuels, Engines
• Boats, Campers & Car parts (Inc. Bumpers & Body Panels)
• Liquids, Liquid Containers, Paint/Paint Cans
• Shredded Materials, Cardboard/Packaging Material, Recyclables
• Adhesives
• Non-alkaline batteries
• Hazardous materials
• Medical infectious waste
• Hot water tanks
• Inks and resins
• Oils and fuels
• Household cleaning fluids